There are many food based "National Days" throughout the year and they are great tools for product promotion.  Tools you don't have to think about because they are already in place.

Step 1:  Look over the National Food Holidays already in place.

Step 2: Look at your product offerings.

Step 3:  Decide which products and Food Holidays go together.

Step 4:  Design a simple flyer, postcard, social media posting, etc. promoting your chosen product and the National Food Holiday.

Step 5: Actively distribute your promotion 15 to 30 days in advance of the the National Food Holiday with each order, in each bag, on your windows, in local papers, etc.

So much easier than making up promotions all by yourself!

Tomorrow, February 9th, is National Bagel  Day.  A. Oliveri & Sons has been servicing hundreds of bagel shops for nearly 100 years, so National Bagel Day is one food based day we take a lot of interest in.  The bagel is the perfect example of the goodness of simple foods.

More Fun Bagel Facts:

A bagel topped with lox (thinly sliced cured salmon) is an iconic Jewish-American dish. Once found only in New York delis, this delicious sandwich is now popular all across the country.

Bagels originated in Poland in the early 17th century. Jewish families often ate bagels on Saturday evenings at the conclusion of the Sabbath because the bagels could be baked very quickly. The bagel symbolizes the circle of life. Lox, which symbolizes the saltiness of tears, is an entirely American invention. It became a popular sandwich filling in the mid 1800s when the transcontinental railroad began shipping barrels of salted salmon to the East Coast.

To celebrate National Bagels & Lox Day, take part in this Jewish-American tradition and enjoy a tasty bagel topped with cream cheese, lox, red onion, and capers!


Other National Food Days:

Compliments of Foodimentry, here is a complete listing of the National Food Holidays by Month!